Because the summer months are upon us when many will be going elsewhere for the summer and Camp Meeting and vacations will be happening, it has been decided that choir will take a hiatus until September. We plan to start practicing again in mid-September and our goals for the coming year will be to plan for a Christmas Concert (not during the regular Sabbath Service, but an evening program where we can invite the community), an Easter program (again for the community) and music to perform at Camp Meeting next summer. This year the Boston Temple is again not represented musically at Camp Meeting. Two years ago our choir performed as well as several of our members singing with the combined choir. Last year only one member sang with the combined choir and we were not represented at all in the afternoon music program on the second Sabbath of Camp Meeting.  We'd like to be represented next year. So in the fall come prepared to commit to practice weekly and give our best to the music program of our church to the honor and glory of God.