Housing Needed

Jaunna Murillo, a young SDA woman from Belize who will be studying for her Master’s Degree at Boston University this fall, is looking for housing in the Boston area. Christine Griffiths (age 22) is young SDA woman who will be starting work at Harvard in September and is in need of housing. If you have a room that either of these young women can use for a few weeks until something more permanent is found, or if you know of someone who needs a roommate or has housing, please contact Jaunna at jayjmurillo@gmail.com or Christine Griffiths at christinegriffiths678@gmail.com and cc the Boston Temple office (info@bostontemple.org).

Two roommates need to share an apartment with a senior student at Northwestern University. Address 54 Westland Ave. Must be willing to sign a one-year lease. Contact William Ardron at hegeside@gmail.com. Thank you.