BTYA Elections

November 04, 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Boston Temple Young Adult Room


Each fall, the Boston Temple Young Adults elect new leadership to serve the needs and wants of the young adult population in our church. These elected officers plan the annual retreat, coordinate potlucks, plan worship services, organize forum, manage the BTYA budget, and much more—depending on the interests of the group.


This year, all positions are up for election.* Below you’ll find each position listed with a brief description of that officer’s responsibilities.

*All officers except for the President are elected for a one-year term. The President is elected for a two-year term. This year, the President is also up for election.


The President is ultimately responsible for the actions of the BTYA leadership. They call and chair meetings and keep the group on track. The President also serves as a member of the Boston Temple Church Board and represents BTYA to that body. 

Communication Coordinator
This officer is responsible for all communication between the BTYA officers and the young adult population in the church. Currently, that means being responsible for the BTYA Facebook page and a weekly newsletter by adding new young adults to the email list and collecting content (such as announcements or other information) to send out.

Event Coordinator
This officer is the point person for all BTYA events. Though all officers will likely help with execution and brainstorming, the Event Coordinator will take most of the mental responsibility of planning, logistics, etc.

Forum Coordinator
This officer is responsible for organizing the BTYA Forum. This includes setting the direction, topic, and structure of the Forum, finding other young adults to lead out/facilitate the discussion each week, and updating the BTYA Forum page.

Hospitality Coordinator
This officer is responsible for coordinating food at BTYA events and BTYA potluck. BTYA is responsible for Boston Temple church potluck on the third Sabbath of each month. This involves planning the menu, getting others to contribute, and ultimately making sure the food is prepared, put out, and ready to eat when the time comes.

Member at Large (2 positions)
The BTYA leadership includes two Members at Large. These officers have no specific roles but assist in all planning and execution of BTYA responsibilities and otherwise help wherever/however needed.


This Year

Use the form below to indicate if you’re interested in any of the BTYA leadership positions. You may indicate that you are interested in multiple positions. All candidates will be given one minute during our election meeting to share why they’re interested in their respective position.

If you’d like to nominate someone else for a position, please fill out the form in their name and check “someone else” on the second question.

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