Every Saturday after Potluck
2:00–4:00 pm (approximate)

Boston Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church
105 Jersey Street
Boston, MA 02215

The Boston Temple Young Adult Forum is a unique fellowship that seeks to meet the spiritual needs of many Boston undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young professionals, who are searching for a more stimulating encounter with God and with their faith community.  We are committed to following Christ’s call to a radical discipleship of heart, soul, and mind by cultivating a space in which difficult questions can be faced without fear or rancor, and in which different ways of thinking are welcomed in an open and honest search for truth.   Our meetings will typically take the form of guided conversations focused on a biblical passage or theme, or on a theological, cultural, or historical matter of concern and relevance to the body of Christ. We pledge to pursue these conversations in an atmosphere of friendly, respectful, authentic, and inclusive dialogue that models principles of Christian love, generosity, civility, and kindness at all times (see our Civility Covenant below).  Young adults and young professionals from the Adventist tradition, as well as persons of all faiths or none, are warmly invited to join our conversations.

2018 Theme: “The Bible and...”
Since our faith and how we are to live life is founded in the Bible, let’s explore what the Bible has to say on topics that impact our daily lives and faith in Jesus. Topics from how to study the Bible to social justice, science to romantic relationships, and more will be addressed.

All are welcome to participate and encouraged to facilitate a topic of interest. Sign up here and let us know when you’d like to share!

Civility Covenant

We ask all Boston Temple young adults and our guests to help us guard our conversation space by affirming our covenant of civility:

  • I will strive to be an even better listener than speaker, leaving ample space for other voices and perspectives.
  • I will express myself with the utmost courtesy and respect toward others, especially those who I might have strong disagreements with.
  • I will be true to my convictions and contribute to vibrant dialogue, discussion, and debate across differences.
  • I will focus on the big picture, recognizing that theological disagreements are often matters of personal growth and experience, and that we are all in different places in our spiritual journeys.
  • I will not to lose my sense of humor or drieth up other peoples’ bones (Proverbs 17:22).